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noCRM.io is a lead management software for salespeople. The web-based software reduces the need for data entry and helps you track and close deals more quickly. Features include Google app integration, sales forecasting, calendar syncing, and more.

On November 22nd 11am CST we’re holding a joint webinar with the team at noCRM.io.

Rana Khayal, Head of Marketing at noCRM.io, Laura Lee Schultz, Head of Partner Marketing at PieSync, and Sanne Stevens, Captain of Customer Success at PieSync, will walk you through how you can get the most out of your sales pipeline by combining the powers of PieSync and noCRM.io.

Optimize your sales pipeline

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to both tools and WHY you would use them
  • How to set up a noCRM.io and PieSync sync
  • How to use PieSync for your noCRM.io teams
  • Why PieSync is different than competitors
  • Upcoming Features

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