Announcing our new connector Vtiger! Sync your contacts two-way and in real time between Vtiger and your favorite cloud apps.

Vtiger Users Rejoice!

Vtiger fans will now have the chance to sync their contacts bidirectionally with plethora of cloud apps. What great news!



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Vtiger allows businesses to convert valuable leads into actual customers, providing statistic to help sales and support teams decide on best future strategies. The all-in-one CRM helps grow sales, deliver better customer service, and improve marketing reach.

Benefits of Using PieSync

PieSync allows you to sync your Vtiger contacts with all your favorite cloud apps, such as Google Contacts, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Zendesk, Outlook365 – and many more!

3 Minute Set-up

PieSync is easy to set up and requires special no coding.

Save time on data entry

PieSync syncs all your contacts bidirectionally across your favorite cloud apps, so you only have to enter customer data once. Our users save at least 25 hours per month on contacts management.

Reduce Manual Errors

Because you only have to enter your data once, you’ll dramatically decrease manual errors. How’s that for clean data?


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No more import/export of your contacts

PieSync automatically syncs your data and any updates in real time, across all your connected cloud apps.

One database across all your cloud apps

Instead of working in data silos, PieSync syncs all your customer data together. Which means your team can work from the same transparent database, in real time.

Share accurate customer information across your marketing, sales and customer service platforms.

PieSync can sync your marketing, sales and customer care platforms together so your teams can have a 360° overview on every customer at all times.

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