How to Increase Productivity

Picture this – you’re in sales, you’re mostly out and about meeting prospective clients, which takes up a huge chunk of your time. On top of that, you have thousands of other things to do like prepare data, punch in a market report, attend meetings. You’re always short on time. Well, let’s look at it from a different perspective –is it really a time shortage or inefficiency? How much of those 8 hours do we spend efficiently? 60% – 70% maybe. What’s eating 30% – 40% of our time? What can we do to increase productivity?

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12 Best Gmail Tools and Plugins Ever

Gmail is an ad-powered email inbox. It’s easy, it looks great and it’s very versatile. Don’t you just love it? If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for new Gmail tools and plugins to add to your Gmail inbox or to Google Chrome. You’re using them either to increase your productivity or just because it makes your life much easier.

I dissected my inbox and bring you the top 12 Gmail tools I’m using right now to turn my inbox into a powerhouse.

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20 Examples of Bad Customer Service that actually happened

16% of people who received bad customer service, complain about it on social media. 52% tells their experience to family and friends. And more than 60% of consumers are influenced by other people’s comments about companies and their customer service. Zendesk – What is bad customer support? _

You’re not listening to me.

Remember that the customer needs you to listen to them, not vice-versa. If the customer is ‘acting up’, there are tons of better ways to solve that problem. Remind the client that you are there to help them.

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2013: A Year in Review

With 2014 showing up on the horizon, it is becoming that time of the year again that everyone asks about your new year’s resolutions. We have been thinking about this a lot for PieSync, but we first want to reminisce about the past 12 months.As 2013 is the first full year in the existence of PieSync (the company was founded in October 2012), it won’t surprise anyone it was filled with difficult choices, important life lessons and unexpected twists and turns all making it the most exciting year yet.The most important event has probably been nailing down our company mission as becoming a true global player in the synchronization and integration scene. But let me just start the overview instead of running ahead of myself:

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