New Connector: ActiveCampaign

We have some great news for all ActiveCampaign users!

From now on you can also sync your contacts two-way and in real time with various cloud apps using PieSync. Let me repeat for emphasis: sync. your contacts. two-way. in real time.

Whether you’re adding a new contact or editing an existing one, the change will be immediately reflected on the other side.

You can choose to sync all your contacts or just a segment of them, e.g. an ActiveCampaign list, a CRM tag or a Google group.

Below I’ll show you which services you can connect with ActiveCampaign, which fields get synced and how you can easily get your contacts in sync.

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Free e-book “The Ultimate Guide to Google Contacts”

We just released our Google <-> Google Connection, and that made us realize something: a lot of people are using Google Contacts but are not getting the most out of it at all. That’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands: we wrote an e-book called “The Ultimate Guide to Google Contacts”. Its purpose is to show you what Google Contacts really has to offer, so you can grow from an average user to a power user.

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How Agencies Will Survive Technological Disruption- Part 3 – Creative Agencies

In this third and final post in a series about how new technology affect agencies, I’ll be taking a closer look at challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for creative agencies.

The term creative agency covers many types of businesses, from PR and communication agencies over web, ad and marketing agencies. What all of these have in common, is that they’re being served – or bothered – by an ever increasing array of technology.

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