Why Excel Is So Often Used – or Abused – as a Database

Spreadsheets, like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, are designed to calculate stuff. However, lots of people use them to simply store and share data. As a developer, this used to freak me out. I wondered why every estate agent, PR consultant, marketeer or office assistant in any agency I’ve worked with, uses spreadsheets for storing names, addresses and phone numbers.

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Sync FollowUpBoss and BigContacts leads bidirectionally with Google Contacts and MailChimp

Today, we’re proud to announce the arrival of two wonderful new additions to the PieSync family: Follow Up Boss and BigContacts. Both CRM systems have just been given wings and are simply waiting for you to take them for a spin. Enjoy the freedom of having your synced contacts always with you on mobile. Yihaa!

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3 Rules of Productive Agencies and How Tech Helps You Not to Break Them

Whether you’re running a creative agency, a real estate agency or any kind of consultancy agency, one thing is certain: you face strong competition. Sure, each marketing, SEO or financial services agency has unique strong points, but generally speaking, every agency in your niche does the same job. Tough, isn’t it?

Use Tech to Increase Your Agency’s Efficiency

As your competitors will offer similar services to the public and employ agents with similar talents, you have to find another way to stand out from the pack. Harnessing the power of technology to increase the efficiency productivity of your team might be just the way to go.

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PieSync vs Zapier

“PieSync synchronizes web apps, Zapier simply lets you automatically add info from one app into another.” That’s usually my answer when people ask me what the difference is between PieSync and services like Zapier or IFTTT, which connect apps by ‘zapping’ data from one app into another.

Last week I had a chat conversation on the subject, you can read along in this screenshot below. I took the screenshot because I realized I had to ‘update’ my usual answer.

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7 CRM Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank

Customers expect you – and your team – to remember what they told you last week, and what their particular interest in your services is; it’s how you show them that they are the most important people for your company. A product that can help you in doing so can prove invaluable for your company. Maintaining relationships with your consumers is at the peak of importance nowadays.

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The Ultimate Productivity Hack To Make Today a Good Workday

Let me break it to you gently. Instead of reading this article, you could be making yourself useful, by doing some work… …

Are you still here? Welcome, and don’t feel bad about yourself. People aren’t robots, and we all need the occasional distraction from work. Reading this will take you about 2 minutes, consider it a moment of relaxation and bonding with a kindred spirit. That’s useful too!

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