How Agencies Will Survive – Part 1 – Real Estate

In this first post in a series about the evolving agency landscape, we’ll focus on the challenges real estate agents and brokers face.

‘Are Real Estate Brokers Obsolete?’ is the title of a highly debated article Bruce Kasanoff wrote on last year. When the concept of real estate brokers first took off, brokers were the only source of information about a property, and there weren’t many possibilities to advertise.
The internet has changed all that. In his article, Kasanoff states that apart from opening the door to let buyers into a property, 95% of what a broker does, can now be done by technology. Provocative, isn’t it?

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Adapt or Die: How to Survive The Agency Onslaught

You hear it all the time: ‘The agency model is broken’ or even ‘The agency model is dead’. Advertising, marketing, financial services, real estate agencies… they are all struggling in some way or another. But will agencies become extinct? I don’t buy it. There are challenges, yes. The business world is rapidly changing, and some agencies will not make it. Since sticking your head in the sand is not your best tactic, why not explore how you can adapt and thrive in an increasingly technological world?

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Do More With Pipedrive CRM Through Google Contacts and MailChimp

Pipedrive is a great CRM solution, built by salespeople for salespeople. Its visual approach to your pipeline has you following up on every lead and keeps your eye on the target at all times.

While salespeople tend to live in their CRM, Pipeline also offers some nifty solutions to integrate other apps such as Google Contacts and Mailchimp.

Apart from making your life easier, these integrations give you a shot at marketing automation with Pipedrive.

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4 Tactics To Manage Your Inbox While On Vacation (With Free Out-of-Office Templates)

The word ‘vacation’ comes from the Latin vacare, which means ‘be unoccupied’.

In ancient times, wealthy Romans would leave their daily occupations behind to see the great wonders of history. Thanks to the modern wonders of technology, we don’t need to actually visit the ruins of the Acropolis to see what it’s like. However, it has also become a lot easier to never be unoccupied at all, as our inbox can travel with us to almost every destination.

People deal with their inbox on vacation in different ways, which tactic do you use?

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