Our latest webinar on how to Sync Up to Align Sales & Marketing was a success! We had an amazing learning experience with our friends from SharpSpring and FunnelBud. Did you miss it? Don’t worry! We recorded it for you.

SharpSpring + PieSync Webinar Recording

The goal of this webinar was to teach SharpSpring Partner Agencies,  Agencies Considering SharpSpring and In-House Marketing Professionals how contact syncing could help them align Sales and Marketing. It was led by:
This webinar gives you the unique opportunity to learn how to sync a third-party CRM with a marketing automation software. You’ll see how PieSync and SharpSpring work together and hear a client use-case from FunnelBud, a SharpSpring Partner Agency. FunnelBud uses SharpSpring in combination with PieSync to make marketing automation more accessible.

The experts also gave tips on how to choose the right Marketing Automation System and how to establish a solid communication across Sales and Marketing.

Using an integration between SharpSpring and Microsoft Dynamics as an example, Yusuf Young showed the advantages of sharing contacts through PieSync for Marketing and Sales teams.

Interested in watching the webinar? Check it out below.

Want to know more about the native integration between SharpSpring and PieSync? Check this out! 

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Claudia flew all the way from Venezuela to work with us. She assists the Marketing team by communicating with the PieSync community. This retired surfer is full of energy and creativity.

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