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About Content Marketing

SharpSpring: Top Tips for Automating Your Content Marketing

In 1996, Bill Gates declared that “content is king.” Over 20 years later, marketers continue to adhere to his prophetic statement. Why is content still king? Discover the reasons around this fact in this article by SharpSpring.

Marketo: 7 Tips for Making Your Website Content Interactive

While there are a few different strategies to improve your engagement rates, one of the most important is to ensure your website content is interactive. Interactive content maximizes reader engagement by ensuring that your reader isn’t just visually engaged, but that they’re also physically engaged using their keyboard or mouse.

About Social Media


When it comes to social selling you have to ask yourself: “Am I popular or productive?”. If you have a milliom random people in your network that you aren’t engaging with, it’s just popularity. When you engage with smaller numbers of the right people you’re saving time and building your business faster.

MailChimp: How to Make the Most of Social Ads During the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is here, and for those of you putting the finishing touches on your holiday marketing plans, focusing some of your efforts on social media ads can help build your brand and sell more stuff. What does MailChimp recommend? Take a look!


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Audio and Video

Intercom (Audiobook): Intercom on Product Management

This collection of 9 short chapters, pulls from the lessons Intercom’s product managers have learned over the last years. You’ll discover:

  • how to evaluate your current product and spot areas for improvement
  • why “no” is the most important word in a product manager’s vocabulary
  • and how to roll out new features and actually get them used by customers

HubSpot (Webinar): How to Use Video Marketing to Drive More Client Value

While videos are an excellent way to drive even more marketing value for a client, it’s not always a simple process. Videos need an overarching strategy, proper direction, and guidance. But fear not! HubSpot has an awesome webinar to show you how to expand your current inbound marketing retainers with video marketing services, all without skipping a beat across your existing campaigns.


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