Are you using HubSpot to get marketing qualified leads and Pipedrive as your CRM? Learn how you can automatically have MQLs in your CRM with this PieSync Recipe.

PieSync Recipe – HubSpot and Pipedrive Sync

Find out how to sync your marketing qualified leads from HubSpot into your Pipedrive CRM.

Everyone likes to work with the best of breed apps. For example, marketing wants to use HubSpot and sales choose to work with Pipedrive. Each app has their specific qualities that work well for those teams. PieSync can integrate these apps so that together they are a killer lead gen stack. This recipe is especially useful for CRMs that don’t treat leads differently from prospects or other contacts.

Recipe summary

  • Duration: under 5 minutes
  • Serves happy sales and marketing teams
  • Fills up 1 connection slot
  • Tastes like chicken pie



  1. Start your sync through PieSync between HubSpot and Pipedrive (here’s how.)
  2. In Pipedrive set up a custom field named “MQL” (Marketing Qualified Lead). You can add a custom field by navigating to Settings > Customize Fields > and select whichever profile type you want to add your custom fields to (People, Organizations, Deals, etc.): 

    Time to Cook

  3. Then create two rules to make up this sync:
    1) IF a contact in HubSpot is greater than 5 THEN sync the contact to Pipedrive and update MQL field to YES.  In essence, this reads when a HubSpot contact’s lead score goes over a certain threshold (in this case 5, but you can choose), then PieSync syncs this contact to Pipedrive and flags it as marketing qualified.
    2) IF a contact in HubSpot is less than 5 THEN update MQL field to NO. This ensures that as long as the HubSpot lead score remains below the threshold you have specified, the lead is cold and won’t appear in Pipedrive. You can also toggle whether or not cold leads in HubSpot should be visible in Pipedrive.  You do this by adding an action to the last rule. Click on +add action then from the drop-down menu select “Update Active?” You then select from the drop-down menu if you want to switch this on or off. “Switch on” will ensure the leads appear in your lists in Pipedrive. “Switch off” will ensure that cold leads still sync to Pipedrive, but remain invisible in lists.
Instead of toggling with the property of Active, you can apply ownership to leads coming over from Hubspot. Apply the action Set owner to” and select a specific Pipedrive user, or if working with a team set it to a group such as “Leads queue”.  The sales team can then manually claim the leads as true contacts and set them to their own name.


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