On August 10th, we had a great webinar with our friends from dotloop. In case you missed it, we have it here for you.

Dotloop is a productivity optimization and online transaction platform made for the real estate industry. The tool lets you create collaborative workspaces to share documents, manage tasks, receive instant notifications, and track transaction progresses in real time

On August 10th,  PieSync and dotloop got together for a quick walkthrough on how to sync dotloop with various cloud apps such Google Contacts. Furthermore, Hunter Morgan – Director of Training at dotloop, taught us 5 essentials for online deals with dotloop.

From PieSync we had: Laura Lee, Head of Partner Marketing, guiding us through the webinar and Frans Leys, Solutions Engineer, showing us different options to configure the perfect connection for your business.

Topics Covered:


  • keep your contact data in sync
  • share contacts with your team
  • configure your sync and features
  • set filters
  • sync contacts on your mobile phone

Dotloop’s 5 essentials:

  1. Overview – The transaction landscape & solution
  2. Agent view – How to quickly create a deal online
  3. Client View – Steps to true client collaboration
  4. Broker View – Insight into optional brokerage productivity
  5. Integrations – Connecting your technology stack


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Watch the Full Webinar


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Claudia flew all the way from Venezuela to work with us. She assists the Marketing team by communicating with the PieSync community. This retired surfer is full of energy and creativity.

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