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How to Increase Productivity

Picture this – you’re in sales, you’re mostly out and about meeting prospective clients, which takes up a huge chunk of your time. On top of that, you have thousands of other things to do like prepare data, punch in a market report, attend meetings. You’re always short on time. Well, let’s look at it from a different perspective –is it really a time shortage or inefficiency? How much of those 8 hours do we spend efficiently? 60% – 70% maybe. What’s eating 30% – 40% of our time? What can we do to increase productivity?

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20 Examples of Bad Customer Service that actually happened

16% of people who received bad customer service, complain about it on social media. 52% tells their experience to family and friends. And more than 60% of consumers are influenced by other people’s comments about companies and their customer service. Zendesk – What is bad customer support? _

You’re not listening to me.

Remember that the customer needs you to listen to them, not vice-versa. If the customer is ‘acting up’, there are tons of better ways to solve that problem. Remind the client that you are there to help them.

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