The Ultimate Productivity Hack To Make Today a Good Workday

The Ultimate Productivity Hack To Make Today a Good Workday

Let me break it to you gently. Instead of reading this article, you could be making yourself useful, by doing some work…

Are you still here? Welcome, and don’t feel bad about yourself. People aren’t robots, and we all need the occasional distraction from work. Reading this will take you about 2 minutes, consider it a moment of relaxation and bonding with a kindred spirit. That’s useful too!

Now that you’re here, I do actually have the ultimate productivity hack to share with you, as there is only 1 in the whole wide universe that really works:
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How to Pick Contact Management Software For a Small Business

Choosing Contact Management Software is Like Buying a New CarPicking a contact management solution or CRM for a small business doesn’t have to be hard. In this post, you’ll learn how to approach the problem in a sensible way, how to avoid the common pitfalls and which questions you need to ask yourself before you start looking into the options. 

The other day I was talking with some people about the best way for small businesses to approach contact management systems, and we agreed that the process of getting a contact management software solution is much like buying a new car. Continue reading

New Connection: Pipedrive sync now available!

I am happy to announce that we have now added Pipedrive to our list of integrations!

For the last couple of weeks, we have been working closely together with the Pipedrive boys and girls. This collaboration has been fantastic and we can now offer two-way synchronization with this visual CRM app as well. Continue reading

How To Keep Your Marketing Databases In Sync


Where would you be, as a marketer, without a database? Who would you email, invite, inform, call?

Fact is, most people work with more than one database. Whether you’re an in-company  marketer or working in a marketing agency, you will probably have information about your current and potential customers stored in a combination of these: Continue reading

Sync MailChimp with other cloud apps!

Two-way MailChimp syncSynchronization between MailChimp and your favourite CRM system is now possible! And it’s not just a simple kind of integration, it’s seamless, real-time, two-way synchronization of your MailChimp lists and your CRM or Google Contacts.

What does this mean? Well, if you update a contact anywhere, the changes will automatically be synced to all your professional services. That’s right: when someone signs up on your website, their email will automatically be added to your CRM system. It’s also useful to keep your lists up to date. When one of your contacts changes their email address in MailChimp, you’ll get the latest information in your Google Contacts or CRM.

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